Vision and mission

Apart from purchasing and selling dredging equipment and construction machines, the company regularly develops new products within its sector. We are committed to continue to innovate and improve current techniques. Adjusting equipment and machinery to customer requirements. A good example is the new ‘Waterking pontoon’, with more buoyancy than the regular army pontoons. Machinery and equipment are developed and built in-house. Energy consumption, efficiency and applicability are strictly taken into account to in the development. The purchased equipment is assessed for its long service life and the replaceability of parts.


Through our ingenuity to improve the applicability of the equipment, we aim towards continuous innovation and development of the correct materials and machinery for the dredging sector. We intend to remain at the forefront in development and application of equipment and machinery. The amphibious excavators ‘Waterking’, the ‘Waterking’ pontoon and the shredder pontoon (soil compactor for pumping of reeds, reed roots, wood and peat) are good examples of this.


With the purchase of equipment or with machinery, we think it is extremely important that it fits in with the purpose that the customer has in mind. Offering advice as needed. With great care and attention, the different possibilities are explained to the customer, making sure they suit the purpose, requirements and budget. In addition, we feel it is extremely important to keep our customers happy. Thanks to the short lines within the company, we can work quickly and efficiently. We think in terms of solutions and provide advice based on our many years of experience.


Core Concepts 

  • Customised advice
  • Machinery or equipment must suit the purpose
  • Creative in thinking
  • Development of new dredging equipment
  • Supplying equipment or machinery of the highest quality
  • Reliable partner
  • A promise is a promise