Knoop Machinery

Knoop Machinery is a full service company in the purchase and sale of dredging equipment and accessories. Knoop Machinery has a broad network, very specialist knowledge in the field of dredging equipment and many years’ experience in small-scale dredging projects.

We advise the client in selecting and buying the appropriate dredging equipment and accessories based on the purpose, the usage requirements and the budget. Apart from selection and negotiations, we can, where appropriate, arrange the import and export documents, as well as the transport.

The company specialises in the purchase and sale of HDPE pressure pipeline, floaters, well barges, various types of pumps, suction dredgers and various couple pontoon models. The company supplies global service and maintenance for your equipment.

Full service Knoop Machinery:

  • Purchasing and selling of dredging equipment and accessories
  • Purchasing and selling of construction machines
  • Full guidance in purchasing and selling of dredging equipment and accessories
  • Arranging import and export documents
  • Arranging transport (worldwide)
  • Global on the job training
  • Supply of parts (worldwide)
  • Worldwide service and maintenance

Focussed on market supply and demand, we regularly have specialist equipment in stock. Inspect our stock list regularly, or sign up for our newsletter.

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