Couple pontoons


Knoop Machinery sells 2 types of couple pontoons. The regular ‘army/unifloat’ pontoons and the new Waterking pontoons. The Waterking pontoons were designed and built in-house. They are higher than the ‘regular’ pontoon, allowing more buoyancy.


The pontoons are perfectly suited for performing work on or along water, and for transporting heavy equipment. The pontoons can easily be coupled together width-wise or length-wise. This makes it possible to create any desired platform. Four couple pontoons fit into a 40-foot container and 2 pontoons in a 20-foot container. The pontoons have a non-skid surface.


Couple pontoon specifications:

Technical details – KP-H75
Type Unifloat/ army pontoons
Dimensions 420 x 210 x 75 cm
Wall thickness 3 mm
Load-bearing capacity 2,450 kg (25 cm freeboard)
Weight 1,350 kg
Material Steel
Thickness of upper deck 10 mm
* 100% linkable to existing ‘army’ pontoons

Technical details – GP-H112 Z
Dimensions 575 x 230 x 112 cm
Wall thickness 6 mm
Load-bearing capacity  6,540 kg (25 cm freeboard)
Weight  3,600 kg
Material Steel
Thickness of upper deck 10 mm



  • Half moon attchments
  • Link pins
  • Hoisting eyes
  • Holderholes
  • Railing
  • Bollards
  • Spudpoles and spudpoleholders
  • Ral colour possible upon request